Cyber Smart Defence at ICE Totally Gaming 2016

ICE Totally Gaming:
Madalin Dumitru, CEO at Cyber Smart Defence, a leading provider of cyber security, will present at the 2016 ICE conference some key points of CSD's strategy in order to provide with its customers the peace of mind they require from cyber threats. Services offered include human hacking – black box penetration testing, cyber intelligence and incident handling.

"Our experience has taught us that automated testing tools cannot replace the capabilities of an attacker’s mind. What differentiates Cyber Smart Defence from our competitors is that we focus on performing manual testing, with minimum usage of automated tools. Thus, we simulate real attacks by trying to break into a customer’s system in the same way that an attacker might try, and this is why our security reports are very accurate in reflecting a system’s real level of security."

Cyber Intelligence in online gambling

Current cybersecurity practices and technologies used to protect critical infrastructures are mostly reactive in their nature.

Most of the organizations have very little knowledge about their adversaries' capabilities and techniques. It is important to remember that the traditional intelligence cycle can be applied to the cyber field, giving organizations a huge advantage in cyberspace.

In this presentation, we will show how cyber-intelligence approach is applied in online-gaming industry. We will focus on using cyber-intelligence feeds to prevent cyber threats before the actual attack.

What skills do hackers need? Which tools do they use? How do they communicate? And how do they plan their attack? All of these questions will be answered using real world examples of sophisticated attacks against online gambling.

Hack to Secure
-case study on how we help secure Everymatrix-

The cybercrime landscape is ever evolving and the impact of preparing good defenses and mitigation procedures will differentiate players in this field. The economy of defense is now better understood by decision makers.

Security incidents in the gaming industry have real monetary value from the business perspective and they offer real incentive to the black market economy. Data bases are high in demand on these markets as well as cheating methods, vulnerabilities in software used or fraud techniques.

This presentation will provide insights for companies serious about improving their cyber security posture, with focus on Everymatrix, a leading provider of complete iGaming software solutions, who understood that security is a top priority when it comes to the gaming industry, an area with very high business logic complexity. We will go over differences between classic penetration testing methodologies, real world differences between automated tool scanning and manual penetration testing (ethical hackers), and we will point out past security incidents and what lessons we’ve learned from them.

The focus of the penetration test is to provide a company with a report that adds real value to the brand and gives IT staff tested vulnerabilities allowing them to focus on fixing the problem.

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SPEAKER 02/03.02.2016
"Madalin is a Cyber Security Expert with over 15 Years of experience in IT. He founded Cyber Smart Defence in 2011 as a need to all cyber security threats he was facing in his companies. Cyber Smart Defence is the leading Cyber Security company in Europe and is employing ethical hackers in order to identify and secure all the vulnerabilities."


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