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0day Websites Exploit - Cyber Smart Defence

 Video URL  :

Tested website:
Tested CMS: WordPress (it works for any CMS platform).

Hello everyone. In this video I'll show you a 0day exploit based on a critical vulnerability, more exactly "Source Code Disclosure".

What can be done with this exploit?
With this 0day exploit we can disclose the source code of any file from a website (written in: PHP / ASP / CFM / JSP / etc).

How can this be possible?
After a long research, Cyber Smart Defence found a way to exploit the SSL service to obtain this result.

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My Interview with Reuters

RPT-From hackers to security experts, the Balkan IT sector is booming 

  • Oracle, SAP, Hewlett Packard are in Romania and Bulgaria
  • Romania has become centre for computer hacking
  • Technology sector is a rare success in depressed economies

After hacking the Pentagon, NASA and Britain's Royal Navy for fun, TinKode got a real job as a computer security expert for a Romanian cyber safety consultancy. TinKode was the name used by Romanian Razvan Cernaianu when he revealed security holes in government and corporate systems across the world, earning him a two-year suspended prison sentence. "I was really passionate about carrying out what I call security audits," Cernaianu told Reuters "It's a hobby, so I did it for free. Moreover, I've always sent emails to those institutions to fix their problems."