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My interview for M6 France

Acum câteva luni de zile am dat un interviu pentru M6 France. Tema emisiunii (Zone Interdite) a fost despre hackeri. Aici puteți urmări întreaga emisiune (eu apar la sfarșit - 01:17:00) : M6 France - Zone Interdite. Un rezumat îl puteți găsi AICI.

Vizionare plăcută.

0day Websites Exploit - Cyber Smart Defence

 Video URL  :

Tested website:
Tested CMS: WordPress (it works for any CMS platform).

Hello everyone. In this video I'll show you a 0day exploit based on a critical vulnerability, more exactly "Source Code Disclosure".

What can be done with this exploit?
With this 0day exploit we can disclose the source code of any file from a website (written in: PHP / ASP / CFM / JSP / etc).

How can this be possible?
After a long research, Cyber Smart Defence found a way to exploit the SSL service to obtain this result.

In order to find the best way to be secure contact us at

My Interview with Reuters

RPT-From hackers to security experts, the Balkan IT sector is booming 

  • Oracle, SAP, Hewlett Packard are in Romania and Bulgaria
  • Romania has become centre for computer hacking
  • Technology sector is a rare success in depressed economies

After hacking the Pentagon, NASA and Britain's Royal Navy for fun, TinKode got a real job as a computer security expert for a Romanian cyber safety consultancy. TinKode was the name used by Romanian Razvan Cernaianu when he revealed security holes in government and corporate systems across the world, earning him a two-year suspended prison sentence. "I was really passionate about carrying out what I call security audits," Cernaianu told Reuters "It's a hobby, so I did it for free. Moreover, I've always sent emails to those institutions to fix their problems." 

My first TV apparition

Prima mea aparitie TV. Video-ul de mai sus este un promo al emisiunii "Romania, Te Iubesc", in care este prezentat de aceasta data un reportaj despre hackerii romani, si care va aparea duminica la data de 17.03.2013 pe ProTV, ora 18:00. Vizionare placuta.