How to recover your Hacked Facebook Page | In less than 72 hours


It's been a long time but I'm back now :) In the latest years, I got so many requests from people that wanted to recover their hacked Facebook pages. The main problem is there are too many incidents of this type (maybe millions per month), so the response time until someone from the Facebook staff will reply can be a long one. After all, I decided to write a tutorial about how to do that in less than 48-72 hours.

Important to mention is that if you don't have the Facebook page verified with Blue Badge, it is very hard to prove who is the real Page Owner because it can be administrated by any valid Facebook profile (this is the reason that doesn't exist the feature to recover a Facebook page).
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Interview | NBC News USA

NBC News - Interview


On assignment in Romania, Cynthia McFadden caught up with another world-known hacker nicknamed “TinKode”. He’s in a new line of work, and along with cybersecurity expert Madalin Dumitru, he warns of a growing cyber threat known as “ransomware.”
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