My nickname is TinKode and I'm known in real life as Răzvan Cernăianu. My first hack was at age 13 and then I used my curiosity and ambition to become a [ Grey Hat ] hacker. The first major hack was at the age of 15 when I found vulnerabilities in NASA and then the list has grown up. After finding vulnerabilities in these organizations I informed them, when it was possible, and gave them time to fix the identified flaws before posting online. I never had malicious intentions against the companies mentioned below.

Starting from this true statement,  quoting: "Little is known about TinKode’s techniques other than his attacks often involved the number 7";  everything must have a meaning. For example:
- The Royal Navy's Ministry of Defence Hack was on 5th of November 2010 
V from Vendetta | Remember, remember the 5th of November...

- The ESA Hack was on 17th of April 2011 involving as Proof of Concept 13 private FTPs access
Houston we had a problem | Celebrating 40 years since Apollo 13 crew's safe return to Earth
     on the 17th of April 1970, after failing to land on the Moon.
- Etc
On 31st of January 2012, I was arrested by the Romanian authority DIICOT & FBI for disrupting the information systems of the U.S. Army, Oracle, NASA, and Pentagon. After 3 months of arrest, I was released on the 27th of April 2012, receiving a 2-years suspended sentence.

During the period 2014 - present — I continued my passion, but this time in a legal [ White Hat ] way as a Co-Founder & pentester at Cyber Smart Defence, a penetration testing company. Until now we audited and identified vulnerabilities in hundreds of companies from around the world.

Vulnerabilities found as a grey hat
YouTube Yahoo
MySQL.com SUN.com
NASA The Pentagon US Army
ESA.int Weather.gov White House
Royal Navy UK Sony CNN
Reuters Kaspersky Nod32
vBulletin SourceForge IPBoard
LeMonde Daily Telegraph La Stampa
Rai UNO Corriere Della Sera Magyar Hirlap
Vulnerabilities found as bounty hunter
Western Union
 Paypal  AT&T
 TESLA Motors
 United Airlines


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