Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet


IN SEARCH OF THE MOST DANGEROUS TOWN ON THE INTERNET is a documentary film that dives deep into the secret world of hacking. It is a bold and artful look at the places and people that are fighting for and against the advancement of cybercrime.


You can watch the cybercrime documentary profiling the Romanian town nicknamed "Hackerville" or "Most Dangerous Town on the Internet" on YouTube:


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Anonymous said...

Nice :D

Prisacariu Adelin said...


Unknown said...

Best,bravo băieții.

Anonymous said...

Am si eu o curiozitate: cum de ai stat in inchisoare doar 3 luni?

Redvolucionarul said...

Felicitări, băieți! :)

Anonymous said...

salutare eu sunt Aisper Decode un hacker celebru ,eu faceam mult mai multe fata DE TINE

TDM MOTORS said...

Taci dracu mă, vezi-ți de celebritate.

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